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Lee Locke


Whether you are in need of photos to promote a stallion, sell a yearling, or capture the special relationship you share with your horse, great photography is worth the effort to find.


You need a photographer who has true knowledge of horses, how they behave and what they are capable of, to bring out the best in your horse.


While it is true that now, anyone can take a good photo of a horse (or anything else) - will it be a great photo? Will it show correct conformation, the proper moment in a stride or jump, the wonderful expression that makes your horse YOURS?


With a background in training, breeding and showing, Lee Locke of Locke Photography has been photographing the best horses, and their people, since 1982. Twenty years working with horses gives the knowledge, and over thirty years photographing them gives the experience to ensure your images are all you ever thought you could have.


Lee started photographing horses before digital photography and computer re-touching, when every shot cost money to see if it was correct. The learning curve is very fast, when the intention is to make a living. This benefits you and your horse because time and the horse's energy are not wasted, resulting in less frustration and better images. While marvelous things can be done in the computer, getting it right in the camera saves you time, and money spent to fix things.


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